Bringing music to children of all ages

The Jigsaw Players bring educational workshops and concerts to

young people in Wimbledon and across the borough.

Jigsaw Juniors has offered free music workshops to children aged 5-11 in Morden and Pollards Hill Libraries both generously supported by Merton Council; eighty children aged 5-11 and approximately twenty parents/carers participated in four creative music workshops, in which concepts such as loud/soft, high/low, fast/slow were explored, and an original song on a given theme was devised and performed by the children with guidance from a workshop leader and musicians. Participants were given the chance to explore music creatively and interactively.

Jigsaw members have given free concerts in local schools such as Hollymount Primary School in SW20 and worked with students at King's College School, Wimbledon.

Jigsaw has also collaborated with Bach to Baby at the Wimbledon Bookfest and in St. Matthew's Church, Raynes Park, bringing top quality musical performances to babies and the very young alongside their parents/carers.

Our aim is to be both inspirational and aspirational, as evidenced by the following quotes from participants of our library music workshops;

  • “Very interactive and very great” Joel, 7
  • “I enjoyed hearing the musicians play because it was fascinating (…) I learnt how the instruments work and what they are called” Melissa, 7 ¾
  • “It was very interesting” Makisha, 4
  • “I would like to do more music in school and after school” Laiba, 5
  • “I enjoyed the singing and joining in” Katie, 8
  • “I enjoyed the bassoon and learning about it because I haven’t seen it before and it’s different (…) I would like to learn how to play the bassoon” Amber, 9
  • “It was cool, I want to come again” Missie, 8
  • “I thought it was brilliant” Mum of Lucy, 5
  • “Now I would like to learn how to play the violin” Quentin, 13