Photos from Jigsaw Juniors' Workshop in Morden Library 

25th November 2017

© Jay Lawrence, JPCS

Photos from Jigsaw Juniors "Animal and their Songs"

Wimbledon Bookfest,  14th October 2017  

© Jay Lawrence, JPCS

Photos from Bangla Music Festival,  12th October 2017 

©Alejandro Tamagno

Photos from Olgarhythm Gala,  11th October 2017 -   

© Jay Lawrence, JPCS 

Photos from "Music begins where Words end",  8th October 2017 - 

Wimbledon Bookfest, Wimbledon Village.  

©Alejandro Tamagno, JPCS

Photos from Gala on 12th September 2017 - 

The Light House Restaurant, Wimbledon Village.  

©Alejandro Tamagno

Photos: ©Kaupo Kikkas.