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Concert 2 at Wimbledon High School

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Hear the culmination of this year’s inspiring partnership with Wimbledon High School. A true celebration of budding young composers as the Jigsaw Players perform the girls’ final A-level compositions, interspersed with other luscious chamber music works.

VENUE: Main Hall, Wimbledon High School



Franz Joseph Haydn Quartet in B flat major, Op.76 No.4 'Sunrise'

i. Allegro con spirito

Judith Weir Bagpiper's String Trio

Anna Kendall Bass Quintet

Antonín Dvořák Terzetto in C major, Op.74

ii. Larghetto & iii. Scherzo: Vivace

Louisa Clogston String Quartet

- interval -

Maurice Ravel Sonata for violin and cello

i. Allegro & ii. Très vif

Miriam Pancheva String Quartet

Richard Bristow String Quartet

Rebecca Clarke Poem for string quartet

Schøyen Sjölin arr. Danish String Quartet Old Rheinlender from Sonndala


Michael Trainor and Tetsuumi Nagata - violins

Jenny Lewisohn - viola

Bartholomew LaFollette - cello