Fundraising Gala 

During our Gala Evening you will be presented with range of options to support our 2017/18 season. 



Item 1- A private concert

Enjoy a concert by the Jigsaw Players in the privacy of your own home. Invite friends and family and gather around a musical moment. 

Repertoire will be chosen with the winner.

Starting bid: £250

Item 4- "Treescape" in glass by Kaupo Kikkas

An opportunity to own a unique glass-mounted photo by the internationally-acclaimed Estonian photographer, Kaupo Kikkas. This is part of his "Treescape" Collection. We are grateful for this generous donation. 

Starting bid: £150

Item 2 - A private Jigsaw Juniors' workshop

Do you have children or grandchildren? Do you want to treat them to a unique afternoon of music, singing and learning in your home? Then this is for you! Tailored to your specified age group, this is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your children to live music. 

Starting bid: £200


Item 5- Backstage pass

Curious about how the Jigsaw Players' concert-day routine? Be part of the whole experience, from the dress rehearsal to the concert via our pre-concert dinner.

Starting bid: £35

Item 3 - A private lesson with your favourite Jigsaw Player

Choose from our phenomenal list of musicians and treat yourself, or someone you know, to an hour-long private lesson. To see the list of musicians, please click below.

Starting bid: £50


Item 6- Dinner with the Jigsaw Players

Enjoy a home-cooked dinner by the Jigsaw Players and the unique opportunity of asking everything you've always wanted to know about the series and never dared to ask! 

Starting bid: £125