'Richmond Park', by Sarah Manolescue

Painter Sarah Manolescue has generously donated the above painting for our fundraising auction on Thursday 20th September  

As an artist Sarah Manolescue is rapidly gaining recognition for her stunning cityscapes and landscapes. Her contemporary and honest approach to realism echoes her interests in capturing a moment in time, at once recording and commenting on modern life. Sarah began painting in earnest after her university studies, and following a residency at Wimbledon Art Studios, where she exhibited in several successful open studio shows, Sarah now works from the home she shares with her husband, two beautiful children and her dog. 

Sarah's early work was primarily abstract, exploring the influences of the Cubists. However, her talent has developed more recently, her keen eye moving on to the natural beauty of the British landscape, allowing her sensitive realist technique to bring beautiful London scenes to life. Working directly from her subject ‘en plein air’, her skilled drawing captures the essence of the scene she chooses to explore, and her current influences of Degas and Pissarro can be traced in her use of cityscapes as a dynamic source of light and action, allowing the viewer to contemplate stillness in the midst of a busy city.

Sarah has established herself through many private commissions, and her work has attracted clients worldwide. Her eye for detail and for the movement of light leaves a powerful lasting impression of place and time. The Mall Galleries has recently selected two of her paintings for its upcoming annual autumn exhibition.

Sarah Manolescue's website can be found at